Credit Repair Skipping to Build

There are always solutions when it comes to repairing your credit. We sometimes go through problems in life that makes our life hard to manage. Sometimes we simply have to skip ahead in order to get ahead. If you have late bills and see that you can’t meet these expectations be sure to make contact with your creditors letting them know your situation.

If you have a situation that has put you out of work due to disability, you can let the creditor know that you will have a pension or other type of allowance coming soon. This will stall your creditors and when you get the money you can put forth the effort to repairing your credit.

If you are renting and have showed good payments in the past with your landlord you might ask him/her if they can wait a bit longer on payment so you can get caught up. If you are trying to save money to repair your credit, you might even want to look for a cheaper home to lower your costs. On the other hand, if you own your home, you might want to look into some different options.

If you see that your payments are going to be late in the next few months, it is always wise to contact your bank lender. If you made good payments in the past, lenders are often happy to waive late fees, unless it is interest only mortgages. If you appear to have a long-term financial situation your lender may offer a refinance option to help reduce your monthly mortgage payments. If the lender is not willing to help you find a solution you might want to check out other banks. Remember there is always an option.

If you run out of revenues you might even consider selling your home. The solution is always best since many people are searching for homes that are repossessed or in foreclosure, or nearing one or the other. Another option is giving the lender the keys and walking away from your obligation.

This is an option if you owe more for the home than what it is worth. There are some disadvantages and advantages to any option you choose. The best solution is to estimate your monthly take home pay, and find a solution to making ends meet. When you take out a mortgage a wise man will often calculate all aspects before signing an agreement.

Often, many homeowners take out a loan however and neglect to factor in long-term financial situations. This is when it often fails and credit repair goes in motion. For the most part, refinancing or else asking your creditors for an extension is often better than walking away from your debt. Some debtors often hire a lawyer that tells them we can help.

The fact is those lawyers will charge you more than you probably owe to help get the creditors off your back. Once your debts are paid, you might need another lawyer to get the first lawyer off your back. Taking the smartest path to repairing credit is always wise.

If you see that you are overwhelmed with debt you might even want to consider Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is often a better solution than Chapter 13. Chapter 7 will free you from your debts permanently, with the exceptions of any current bills. The problem is when you file Bankruptcy, whether it is 7 or 13 it goes on your credit and you have another problem.

In one way you repaired your credit, but by no means are you on the road to building your credit history. Yes, it is true you can often get another car or home with a bankruptcy against you, but, I know that you will be searching high and low before you find the companies that will give you a loan. Bankruptcy stays on your record for ten years.

So as you see, sometimes we have to skip ahead to get ahead. Skipping one bill to pay a more in demand bill is not necessary a bad thing. It takes a couple of months before your bills go to the 3 bureaus.